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CALENDAR & NEWSLETTER – Each month parents receive a class calendar showing what the class will be doing each day and which curriculum areas we will be focusing on  Parents also receive a school newsletter with information about what is happening each month..

ORIENTATION – Parents attend the first day of school with their child.  Your child has the comfort of having you there and you get to see what a day at preschool is like.

FIELD TRIPS - This year we have been on field trips to the pumpkin patch, the pirate ship in Annapolis and the fours attended a concert by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.  Parents are welcome to join us on trips.

 SNACK  - Students take turns being the snack helper each week. Each child brings the snack and juice for their classmates and helps to serve the snack.  Children have the opportunity to do this twice a year.

COMMUNITY - Having a small school and a small staff allows us to get to know our students and their parents. We believe children learn best by doing and plan our classes accordingly.  At CDS we create a warm, comfortable, creative, fun, learning atmosphere.  We enjoy working with young children and we realize what an important job we have.  We hope we will have the opportunity to welcome you to our CDS community.